McCathern’s Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors’ Rights section was formed with the goal of providing its clients, ranging from local businesses and start-up companies to Fortune 500 corporations, with exceptional legal services offered at affordable rates and fee structures. Attorneys in the firm’s Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors’ Rights section represent clients in all aspects of bankruptcy, reorganizations, out-of-court restructurings and workouts, re-financing and forbearance negotiations and disputes, collection actions, multi-jurisdictional insolvencies, corporate “wind downs” or liquidations, and bankruptcy-related litigation matters.

Corporate Clients

Bankruptcy, and specifically Chapter 11 reorganization, is an effective tool in the toolbox of every sophisticated business and may be used for variety of reasons in today’s business climate; put simply, bankruptcy relief is no longer limited to the financially struggling company on the verge of liquidation or insolvency.  A few notable companies that are currently, or were until recently, in Chapter 11 bankruptcy include: American Airlines, TXU, General Motors, Blockbuster, Hostess, Eastman Kodak, Brookstone, Reddy Ice, Eddie Bauer, and Grubb & Ellis.  All of these companies, however, continue to operate as a leaner, more financially viable business after seeking bankruptcy relief.

Since bankruptcy is increasingly being employed by sophisticated businesses, bankruptcy cases are having a greater reach and impact on companies that are not themselves seeking bankruptcy relief but nevertheless have a business relationship with a company that sought bankruptcy relief.  More often than not, the company or “creditor” that did not seek bankruptcy protection is owed a debt or “claim” by the company or “debtor” that sought bankruptcy relief.

The Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors’ Rights section of McCathern, while having substantial experience in assisting companies who wish to reorganize in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a multitude of reasons, also represents creditors, whose goal is to collect on their claims as quickly possible, and other non-debtor parties.  These clients include traditional and non-traditional lenders, private equity firms, hedge funds, institutional investors, distressed asset purchasers, secured loan and mortgage servicers, landlords, equipment lessors, lessees, non-debtor contractual parties, franchisors, franchisees, utility providers, municipalities, bondholders, indenture trustees, insurers, judgment creditors, vendors, trade creditors, shareholders, directors and officers, ad-hoc and official committees, receivers, and trustees.

Industry Expertise

No two bankruptcies are alike.  Retaining an experienced bankruptcy counsel who understands the industry of a debtor in bankruptcy, however, will give your company a competitive advantage and will reduce costs associated with the retention of counsel from the very outset of the engagement.

The attorneys who make up the Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors’ Rights section of McCathern have representative experience in matters involving a variety of industries, including the following: commercial office and mixed-use developments, multi-family housing, hotel, restaurants, and hospitality, national and regional retail, manufacturing, oil, gas, and renewable energy, telecommunications, healthcare, airline, transportation, and food and beverage.

Representative Experience

The attorneys in the Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Creditors’ Rights Section have representative experience in some of the largest bankruptcy cases in U.S. history and frequently participate in Chapter 11 reorganizations and Chapter 7 liquidations in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts throughout Texas, as well as in Chapter 11 reorganizations in the Southern District of New York and the District of Delaware.  The attorneys who make up the Bankruptcy, Restructuring & Creditors’ Rights Section are dedicated, zealous advocates who offer their clients sound legal advice and cost-effective, dynamic solutions, catered to each client’s specific goals in order to achieve optimal results.

Contact Information

If your company needs financial assistance, an advocate for securing fair refinancing terms, or simply needs help collecting a debt from a company that is experiencing its own financial problems, contact Eric M. Van Horn, Practice Area Leader for the Bankruptcy, Restructuring, & Creditors’ Rights section, at or 214-741-2662 or