By handling each case with the utmost importance, sensitivity and care, McCathern strives for the best possible outcomes for all of our clients. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the great things clients and colleagues have said.

"Would recommend for the great results"

“I always look for a legal team that looks for the best result possible for their client. This applies to Justin Bryan and his support team. They did exactly what I expected. They looked out of the client’s best interest and always kept me informed of progress, updates, etc.”

McCathern Business Client
"Noah is my superhero"

Hi, I hope everyone had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Noah [McCathern] and I had a long deposition on Tuesday. He is my superhero. He was so calm the whole day…until the security co. attorney got disrespectful with me (it was about 4pm and I think we had worn him down). Noah was so controlled, stood up, and confronted the zoom camera, and told the opposing counsel to stop badgering me. It was so sweet and protective and the opposing counsel realized Noah meant business. I loved it.

McCathern Personal Injury Client
"I would recommend Kylie and her team over and over again!"
I worked directly with Kyle Peebles and she was nothing short of amazing. She was quick to respond, fair, had a listening ear through this difficult time, and came up with a solution for all involved that ended up not even needing mediation. I would recommend Kylie and her team over and over again! I can’t say enough great things about her!
Stephanie HudsonFamily Law Client
"You are smart and kind and fair and tough as nails"

Laura [Roach], I just wanted to reach out and thank you for helping to mediate my divorce earlier this month. It was a long day but without you this really could have dragged painfully on for months and months.  You are smart and kind and fair and tough as nails. It’s intimidating to sit in front of you since clearly you can see right through people and gauge their inner character in a very short period of time. I’m going to bet that your kids can’t get away with lying to you. I trusted you pretty quickly and although I did not get everything I wanted, I do believe what I got was fair. Thank you for helping me, for validating some things for me and most importantly, establishing the kind of boundaries that will create the most ideal parental situation for my son. It is such a relief for this ultra-stressful time to be over and to feel good about it. You did that. You were awesome and I have a feeling I was lucky we got you for the mediation.

McCathern Family Law Client
"Great experience!"

I wanted to send a quick note to commend the candor and professionalism of Mr. [Aaron] Dekle. Initially he set expectations, presented options, and then went into action. He did exactly what he said he would do and it was a refreshing experience. I would in fact be sending the same note even if the outcome had not be favorable for me.  You have yourselves a great attorney here. Mr. Dekle, thank you, sir. You communicated and performed flawlessly. I would imagine you have a great career ahead of you. Thanks again and I give you a 5 out of 5. Great experience!

McCathern Employment Law Client
"These are your people!"

I am SO GRATEFUL for this group right here! I do not wish a divorce, custody or guardianship conflict on anyone. But, if need a team that will ride along on the journey with you…these are your people! Laura Roach, my family court attorney, has been by my side since the beginning of this journey and I am forever grateful to her. Her coworkers Michael Ricchi, Lyndsey, and Amy have been a part of the process and helped me through it. Thank you, Laura, for your friendship, your expertise, your professionalism, and your support. I wouldn’t want anyone else fighting for my Amazing Grace!

McCathern Family Law Client
"I couldn't be more thrilled"

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way Scott handled this case and would recommend McCathern to anyone!

McCathern Criminal Defense Client
"You were able to provide valuable guidance and direction"

Scott, [we] both really appreciate your help in this process. We realized that in the realm of family law most attorneys are more focused on legal strategy than their clients’ comprehensive objectives. This was not the case with you at all. You were able to provide valuable guidance and direction while keeping our complex goals at the forefront of the process. Please feel free to use me as a client reference and I will be sure to send anyone in my circles your way if they need family law counsel.

McCathern Family Law Client
"I’m grateful for your team's expertise and professionalism"

Laura [Roach] & Team,

I’m grateful for your team’s expertise and professionalism in mediating my case this afternoon.  It’s been a long journey to bring final closure on issues that may seem simple to resolve except for the thing called “divorce” that brings unneeded complexity.  You helped me and my ex-wife navigate to where we couldn’t by ourselves or with personal counsel with fairness and finality.  Thank you for your patience and wisdom!

Wish y’all the best!

McCathern Family Law Client
"Always available for questions and very responsive"

Justin [Bryan] and his support staff have been excellent in communicating the dealings of [our] case and simplifying complex concepts with his clients. Secondly, he has always made himself available for questions and he has been very responsive whether it is through email or by phone.

McCathern Business Client
"Communication, responsiveness, and experienced"

Justin Bryan proactively pursued a settlement for me based on his knowledge of an investment situation, and his thorough research on the defendant. This resulted in a very positive settlement for us. He is outstanding at what he does. He has been a great communicator on progress and fought hard for his plaintiffs based on some serious homework on the situation and laws. What I loved about his process is that not once did I feel like I was confused by legal jargon or process. He over-communicates in a manner I could understand, and earned and kept my trust quickly. If anyone is looking for a GREAT business lawyer, I highly recommend Justin Bryan.”

McCathern Business Client
"Quality people and commitment to the mission"

“I would recommend McCathern because of the quality of work, the quality and timeliness of communications, and the stamina of the lead and the outcome you all were able to accomplish. Justin Bryan was the lead and he was the real deal. All in, never frustrated by a group of variable intelligence, and provided great guidance to the group.”

McCathern Business Client
"The attention I got was unparalleled."

Ty [Sheaks] was able to reach a settlement for us in a suit we shouldn’t have been in to begin with. The attention I got for what I can only assume is a small case to most firms was unparalleled. Being in St. Louis while Ty was in Dallas I was sure there was going to be an issue but it was like he was just up the road. I always felt like he was ready to go above and beyond.

Mike KossmanGundaker Construction
"Had a few attorneys before him and no one tried as hard as he did."

[When looking for an attorney] I look for honesty and people trying to help someone that has made a mistake and to better themselves. My boy Tommy [Perkins] here was the guy. Period. Came in and said this is what I’m going to do and got it done. I had a few attorneys before him and no one tried as hard as he did.

McCathern Criminal Defense Client
"I truly appreciate you and your team."

Thank you [McCathern Family Law] for all of your hard work. Thank you for your diligence, professionalism, and honesty. You believed in my case, and you helped me keep a rational state of mind. I truly appreciate you and your team. I know my case was not an easy one to navigate, but you all did a fabulous job. THANK YOU!

McCathern Family Law Client
"a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly competent professionals"

You have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly competent professionals. McCathern has given us the opportunity to look forward to a better life. Your team is always courteous, patient, and generous with their time and talents where our case is concerned.

A special appreciation of ours extends to Arnold.  Arnold is the consummate professional, advocate, and human being. He is tough when it calls for tough. He is compassionate when the situation calls for compassion, but he is, above all, an extremely competent lawyer and accomplished advocate.  We are grateful to work with your firm.

Ted & Anne Brann
"Keep up the good work."

[The resolution] reaffirmed what we need to do as a company moving forward with this fragile issue. It also brought to light several key points we did not consider to begin with. [McCathern was] very prompt in taking our meeting request, on-time and the continual dialogue leading up to the meeting and on other topics is something we look for and is met every time by your firm. Very professional and welcoming attitude with our first visit as well. Keep up the good work.

Ricky StephensonSonny's Plumbing
"Honest with an interest in helping"

Legal problems are not always easy to understand and having someone knowledgeable to both explain and guide is very important. Justin Bryan emanates confidence. He takes the time to explain what is happening so that his client also feels confident both in Mr. Bryan and in himself.

Ethan A. Schrader
"A Constant Beacon for Our Company"

A long and grueling lawsuit that ended in a reasonable settlement, that without McCathern’s assistance, would have been ugly. Ty Sheaks was a constant beacon for our company and relentless in his efforts to keep our company safe. Ty and Levi, thanks for doing what you do. You walk the talk.

Alan KravitzMedSys Group

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