The Banking and Mortgage Section at McCathern, Shokouhi, Evans assists clients with drafting mortgage documents dealing with both Federal law, as well as individual state statutes, and provides the answers needed for compliance matters facing financial institutions and service providers.

At McCathern, our team of experienced and savvy attorneys provides the insight and knowledge needed to be at the forefront of compliance-related issues, saving your company time and money.  McCathern has developed partnerships across the country to provide quick and effective service, counseling clients that range from Fortune 500 companies, to start-up businesses born in a garage.

The attorneys at McCathern provide effective and efficient representation for all aspects of compliance, including any litigation that can arise out of these issues.  With Board Certified® Trial attorneys, our clients are represented by some of the best trial attorneys in the country.

Key Partnerships

To further provide the best level of expertise, we have partnered with PeirsonPatterson, LLP, the engine that runs Digital Docs, Inc. and a leading preparer of residential real estate documents and compliance review nationwide.  With over 100,000 compliance checkpoints, PeirsonPatterson, LLP has created a safe-wall that keeps your business in compliance so you can focus on your customers.  This strategic partnership with McCathern can give your business – big or small – the piece of mind it requires.

The financial collapse of 2008 and the resulting recession created a multitude of new regulations and compliance hurdles to maneuver.  These regulations affect financial institutions, service providers, and companies of all sizes, and require counselors with a detailed understanding of the compliance minefield.

Congress’ implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, the CARD Act, and refinements to virtually all lending practices has drastically increased both regulation and enforcement of consumer protection statutes.

For example, the CARD Act affects all prepaid gift, loyalty, award and promotional cards offered by financial services companies and even local retailers.  Regardless of the size of your company, these new financial regulations impose costs that can affect your bottom line. Knowing how your company can prevent losses due to noncompliance is essential to maintain your market share.

In addition, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a key creation of the Dodd-Frank Act, and acts as a consumer watchdog in an attempt to prevent a future financial disaster.  Navigating these new compliance waters takes a team of dedicated attorneys who can offer effective solutions that protect your business and provide you with piece of mind.

By drawing on McCathern’s vast network of resources and experience, our Banking and Mortgage section presents a multi-pronged approach that addresses the needs that face financial institutions and service providers in a manner that is client-focused and results-based.

McCathern has developed a network of contract attorneys and Of Counsel in all 50 states that allow our firm to provide compliance services to financial institutions and service providers across the country.

For more information on PeirsonPatterson, LLP, and Digital Docs, Inc. please visit their website.

Monthly Banking and Mortgage Regulatory Updates

Part of being compliant with the Dodd-Frank Act is understanding CFPB audits, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to provide you with monthly banking and compliance updates throughout this coming year. These updates will be general in nature, but if you prefer, we can develop a partnership with your business and will address the specific needs your company faces when navigating the post-Wall Street Reform waters. Contact Arnold Shokouhi, McCathern’s Managing Partner and head of the Banking & Mortgage Section, directly at or 214.741.2662 for more information.