June 10, 2024  | By McCathern Law

Six years after her daughter’s tragic passing, Mary Wells of Cleburne, TX expresses a sense of relief as progress unfolds in the case with the arrest and charging of three individuals. Supporting her through this journey is Jennifer Falk of McCathern Law Firm, the Wells family attorney.

Wells finds sharing her daughter’s story both challenging and essential. She emphasizes the importance of preventing similar tragedies, stating, “If we can save one child, one girl, one boy, one woman, then it’s all worth it… because we can’t let her die in vain.”

The nightmare began when Texas state troopers arrived at Wells’ door, delivering the devastating news of Julia’s death. According to reports, Julia was believed to have been thrown from a car on the Dallas North Tollway, registered under a known human trafficker.

Julia, who had autism, was trusting and vibrant by nature. Investigators revealed that a “friend” of Julia’s was allegedly involved in a sex trafficking ring, manipulating her until her untimely death. Wells remains unsure of how they initially crossed paths.

For six years, Wells has tirelessly pursued justice for her daughter. The recent arrests of Anna Hudson, Mark Dailey, and Nikki Jordan signify progress in the case. Though Wells holds no hatred toward them, she seeks justice for Julia.

This case marks Collin County’s first prosecution of human trafficking resulting in death, a significant milestone. Jennifer Falk, the Wells family attorney, underscores the gravity of this development, highlighting the pervasive issue of human trafficking.

Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis reaffirms the commitment to combatting sex trafficking, emphasizing that such crimes will not be tolerated in Texas.

To learn more about this article, please watch the interview with CBS News Texas journalist Erin Jones.