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The process of planning for the future can be challenging.  Thinking about and discussing all of the possibilities can sometimes be overwhelming.  With that said, the choices we make regarding estate planning can deeply impact the people we leave behind. Preparing a will is not only a legal process but an emotional and sensitive matter as well. Estate planning is an important course of action that outlines your final wishes.  With proper planning, your family members can be protected from challenges that may otherwise emerge if you were to suddenly become ill or die without a secured plan in place. At McCathern, our estate planning practice is led by experienced of counsel attorney Matthew Gilpin, who works with clients throughout North Texas and beyond.

Attorney Matthew Gilpin
Estate Planning Attorney Matthew Gilpin

Personal Approach

Every person’s family and circumstances are different. Often there are personal details, unique to each situation, which require a comprehensive and precise plan. These plans don’t need to be complicated or cause more frustration to your family members during an already difficult time. Estate plans are often created to make the necessary business easier for your family as well as save expense. In fact, in some cases the need for probate may be avoided entirely with thorough planning. Having a good estate plan can help ensure that your hard-earned assets are handled according to your wishes.

Planning for the Future

If you are the parent of a young child, estate planning is an opportunity for you to make choices regarding your child’s ultimate care.  If you were to pass away unexpectedly, the appointment of a guardian is an important issue. Regardless of unique circumstances, parents should have a set plan in place for their children’s futures, with a designated legal guardian. An experienced estate planning lawyer can help make sure everyone and everything is protected when you are gone.

  • Writing wills and trusts for effective property management
  • Creating a clear division of assets
  • Delegating a guardian for minor children
  • Coordinating beneficiaries for investment accounts and insurance

Planning for incapacity is also important, and sometimes overlooked. If you become involved in an accident and seriously injured you may need help taking care of things on your behalf. Consider who will handle your financial affairs, or who will make healthcare decisions, if you cannot do those things for yourself. The attorneys at McCathern can help you properly consider and plan for incapacity before it happens.

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Trustee provisions
  • Living Wills
  • Healthcare releases