Guiding You Through a Difficult Process

In certain situations, the best interests of a vulnerable or incapacitated person or estate would benefit from being under the care of someone else. In these situations, it is possible for a court to create a legal guardianship under which a designated “guardian” is granted decision making rights over that vulnerable person, the “ward”.

In these difficult situations, which often can arise suddenly and during stressful periods of time for all involved, it is important to have a trusted expert who understands the guardianship process as well as alternative measures that may be more beneficial. Dallas-based guardianship attorney Matthew Gilpin is prepared to guide clients through this process and reach the best possible outcome for each individual involved.

Common Types of Guardianships

There are many types of guardianships, including short and long-term arrangements. The most common full-time guardianships are Guardian of the Person and Guardian of the Estate. A Guardian of The Person has been granted control over the Ward’s personal matters. A Guardian of the Estate has been granted control the Ward’s property and finances.

Commonly, wards are incapacitated adults, which is determined by their physical or mental standing and their ability to care for themselves. Oftentimes, adults diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other ailments affecting their memory or intellectual ability would benefit from a legal guardian. In other situations, a ward could be a minor who has lost both parents or a minor with special needs who is legally becoming an adult.

Each situation is different, and it is imperative for those seeking a guardianship to utilize a lawyer who understands all of legal options so that the best outcome can be reached.

Legal Representation

Attorney Matthew Gilpin is based at McCathern’s Dallas office and ready to assist clients throughout Texas who are considering creating a guardianship authority over a person or estate or both. Additionally, Matthew has over a decade of experience assisting individuals and families through challenging and delicate situations, such as probate matters, estate administrations, and inheritance issues. His dedication to counseling his clients through important life decisions perfectly reflects McCathern’s mission of Improving People’s Lives. If you think a guardianship could be beneficial for a person or estate in your life, please contact Matthew today.