McCathern, Shokouhi, Evans, Grinke has successfully prosecuted a large number of personal injury claims, resulting in millions of dollars in settlement verdicts and savings to our clients.

We represent clients on both sides of cases involving personal injury and death, whether caused by a premises defect, defective products, work-related injuries, or medical malpractice. Personal injury claims can be expensive and require laborious undertaking, but McCathern attorneys provide the extensive expertise, resources, and persistence needed to obtain the best result for each of our clients so that they can get back to life.

Personal Injury Attorneys:

Levi G. McCathern, II – Dallas
Paul A. Grinke – Frisco
Carl L. Evans, Jr. – Dallas
Kelli G. Hawley – Los Angeles
Everett Hinchcliffe – Los Angeles
Joseph E. Sampson – Dallas
James E. Sherry – Dallas