Expertise During a Difficult Time

Following the death of a loved one, their assets are often redistributed through a process called probate.  Probate requires court involvement.  The amount of court supervision largely depends on the individual’s estate and whether or not there was a will. Probate includes sorting through and settling a person’s assets after that person’s death. Even if your loved one had a will or trust, you may be required to contact the court regarding the division of assets.

Attorney Matthew Gilpin
Dallas-Based Probate Attorney Matthew Gilpin

Administering probate can be difficult and complex to understand without the assistance of a licensed and experienced attorney. McCathern’s probate team, led by Dallas Of Counsel Attorney Matthew Gilpin, offers efficient and cost-effective legal assistance to help guide you through what is already a difficult time. If you have been named the personal representative of someone’s estate, you might be wondering how to move forward. Likewise, if you have lost a friend or family member, you may have questions.

In some cases, disputes between family members may arise. Disagreements sometimes occur on how the estate should be distributed and may result in a contested will. In this situation, you want an attorney who can stand up and fight for your interests. McCathern’s probate team is knowledgeable and qualified to navigate the court’s process and will help you meet all legal requirements to properly care for your loved one’s estate.

Probate Services

  • Evaluating estate documents such as a will
  • Taking inventory of the estate’s assets
  • Assessing any possible debt or creditor claims
  • Determining who the beneficiaries are and distributing assets
  • Providing assistance and guidance for estate administration