March 21, 2017  | By Bekah Harger

McCathern, PLLC is proud to announce another exciting expansion. We have increased our practice to offer legal assistance focused specifically on securities litigation. Previously, McCathern has provided services involving securities in the course of business disputes, transactions, or corporate structuring and company formation. Having shown an increase in cases relating to this area of litigation, McCathern has grown to offer representation focused solely on securities violations.

Investment and financial services are governed by a wide and complex body of law where violations can come to light in countless ways.  McCathern provides invaluable advice for any investor, broker, or business that invests money, offers investments, or recommends investments.

McCathern currently represents investors before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Federal and State Courts in lawsuits against large, international and national investment banks for violating sales practice regulations as well as securities fraud by directors and officers of the issuing companies.

The McCathern team has been quoted by media outlets including Law360 and the San Antonio Express News regarding certain facets of this new focused practice area. We are committed to our motto of Improving People’s Lives and are proud to carry that commitment on to investors who have suffered from a myriad of securities violations.

Attorney Justin Bryan
McCathern attorney, Justin Bryan

Attorney Justin Bryan of our Dallas office offered some insight into what it’s like working with securities litigation cases.

Q: How do you think having a securities litigation practice area will benefit our firm?
“Securities litigation is a great focus to add because securities violations can hurt anyone and everyone, including many of our existing clients. This new focus allows McCathern to serve our clients in many new ways.”

Q: Why do you like working with securities litigation cases?
“It’s a very complex area, often with very high stakes that reward hard work and diligence.  Helping clients is always rewarding, but it’s especially rewarding in cases that deal directly with questions of commercial honor and fair trade.”

 Q: What are some market trends that impact this practice area?
“Securities laws create a fluid, very non-static, obligation for investors, brokers, and companies alike.  No matter the market, financial services need to be tailored to address risks on both sides of the equation.  As a result, securities issues arise in all markets. ”

 Q: What specific qualities would an attorney have to posses to ensure success in this practice area?
“Like any other kind of litigation, an attorney needs to be willing to put in hard work, fight through adversity, and be resourceful.  A dutiful attitude combined with creativity to solve problems is always essential.”

We are all very excited about the new practice area. For more information on Securities Litigation, visit the page here or contact McCathern, PLLC today.