January 29, 2020  | By Matthew Kellogg

McCathern is proud to announce that attorney Erin R. Clegg recently passed the Texas Board of Legal Specialization for Family Law. Ms. Clegg joins McCathern Partner Scott Becker as the second attorney at the firm with this designation for the family law practice, and the accomplishment is a sign of her rapid rise as an accomplished family law attorney in North Texas.

“Board certification is a mark of excellence and a distinguished accomplishment with the Texas legal community,” Ms. Clegg said. “I am excited for this next step in my career.”

The certification signifies that Ms. Clegg has substantial, relevant experience in family law, completed 60 hours of

McCathern Attorney Erin Clegg
Family law attorney Erin Clegg has been certified for family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

continuing legal education in family law within the last 3 years, passed a thorough day-long examination, and provided 10 qualified and vetted references that could attest to her competence in family law.

There are only 867 Board Certified Family Law Attorneys in Texas, making up less than 1% of all the lawyers in the state.

“I’m so proud of Erin becoming Board Certified in Family Law,” said Mr. Becker. “This signifies she is among the elite attorneys in this field. As a former judge, when I had Board Certified attorneys appear before me, I knew they would be skilled, professional, and squared away. That is Erin to a T.”

“When Erin joined our firm we immediately saw the immense talent that she possessed,” said McCathern Managing Partner Arnold Shokouhi. “Watching her grow as an attorney, and now to be Board Certified in Family Law, is a testament to her hard work and the excellence all of our attorneys at McCathern strive for.”

Partner Laura Roach reflected on what makes the McCathern family law practice that Ms. Clegg is a part of so effective. “At McCathern we have a strong family law team that combines a deep knowledge of the law with a practical approach to resolving our clients’ family law cases in the best way possible for each situation,” Roach said. “We fight the fights worth fighting and resolve everything else.”