May 18, 2020  | By Matthew Kellogg

McCathern Family Law Partner Laura Roach appeared on the most recent episode of the online show “The Jury’s Still Out”, hosted by jury consultant Mary Griffitts of Trial Consulting Enterprises. The web series focuses on issues related to the law, trials and juries, with this episode specifically about family law during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Attorney Laura Roach Inteview on The Jury's Still Out

LINK: The Jury’s Still Out, Episode 2: Family Law During Covid-19 with Laura Roach

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing families to spend considerable amounts of time together in constrained settings, family law is a timely subject matter for the show. As a longtime specialist in family law litigation and mediation, Laura Roach brought an expert’s perspective to this subject. The 30-minute interview touched on a variety of subjects, including:

  • How Laura decided to focus her career on family law
  • Laura’s work as both a litigator and mediator in family law
  • How the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting family law and the unique issues that married couples are facing
  • Laura’s book “Divorce in Peace: Alternatives to War from a Judge and Lawyer”, which she co-wrote with her husband, Judge John Roach Jr.
  • The importance of gratitude, particularly during trying times
  • New trends in family law
  • What Laura has learned from trials over her career and how she prepares her clients

The show’s host, Mary Griffitts, is an attorney based in Dallas and her firm, Trial Consulting Enterprises, assists with jury research and trials. She is also a frequent public speaker on trial advocacy and courtroom communication and has appeared on many TV and radio programs as an expert on the trials and courtroom strategy.