May 18, 2017  | By McCathern Law

A mother filed a lawsuit against a private school in Galveston, claiming her son was bullied and harassed for more than a year because of his race.

The lawsuit names Trinity Episcopal School, its principal and the parents of three students who allegedly bullied the sixth grade boy.

According to the lawsuit, “three students made and handed (the woman’s son) “KKK origami” resembling the hoods worn by KKK members, verbally abused (her son) with “KKK beats,” and stated that their fathers were “dragon masters of the KKK.”

The lawsuit also states the child “…has become depressed, suffers anxiety attacks, trauma, panic attacks and has even had suicidal thoughts.”

The attorney representing the child and his family, Levi McCathern, said other students have come forward saying they, too, have been victims of bullying at the school.

“When it was brought to the attention of the administration, basically nothing was done,” McCathern said. “Administration finally made some of the boys write apology notes but they weren’t suspended for what they did.”

The school administrator named in the lawsuit said his attorneys are reviewing the suit issued the following statement to ABC13:

Trinity Episcopal School Galveston is saddened by the lawsuit that has been filed by the mother of a former 7th grade student against the school, its head, and three of her son’s former classmates.

The school has policy that prohibits any form of bullying or discrimination. As soon as the school was informed of an issue over a year ago, it addressed it immediately, consistent with its policy. The mother withdrew her child from the school four days later.

Trinity Episcopal School values diversity and is committed to upholding standards that reflect our mission in Christ. Because this dispute involves children, we will have no further comment on the litigation.

The Rev. David C. Dearman
Head of School

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