August 2, 2021  | By Matthew Kellogg

McCathern Partners Levi McCathern and Brett Chisum are representing a client in a recently-filed suit against the former owners of the KAABOO music and arts festival. The client, Dunhill Festival Fund L.L.C., is suing the co-founders and former owners of the festival, Bryan Gordon and Seth Wolkov, alleging that they mismanaged the festival in its first year and walked away from promised future events, depriving investors like Dunhill of any chance to earn a return.

The suit was featured in a recent article from “Investor Says Texas Music Festival Was ‘Colossal Failure'”. Brett Chisum is quoted in the article, stating that:

“While the inaugural KAABOO Texas actually occurred, behind the scenes, investors appear to have been swindled out of millions of dollars in a carefully structured scheme. Despite projecting large losses over the first 3 years before turning a profit, the KAABOO defendants chose to shut down after only 1 year, leaving the investors with no recourse and few answers. We intend to get both recourse and answers.”