July 3, 2015  | By McCathern Law

McCathern is proud to congratulate one of our legal secretaries, Tami Blake-Choice, on receiving her Bachelor of Science in Business/ Human Resource Management from the University of Phoenix.  Tami first received her Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts while working full time, raising her son as a single parent, receiving no financial aid, and battling breast cancer.  Tami had to drop out of school and miss work for months at a time while she was receiving treatment.  Finally, it looked like she was in the clear and the cancer was in remission.

Tami took a break from school after graduating to focus on her son and her health.  During this time she became involved in an abusive relationship which required her to move from her home and re-establish a safe environment for her child.  After starting a new chapter in her life and moving, her breast cancer returned.  Tami underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery and was again out of work for a long period of time to recover.  Thankfully, the treatment was successful and she has now been cancer free for three years.

After battling cancer for a second time and coming out of an abusive relationship, Tami took the time to focus on what she wanted to achieve in her life.  She wanted to receive her Bachelor degree and inspire her son to never give up in life.  She fought for her goals and achieved them.  She now aspires to obtain her Masters Degree, become a Human Resources administrator, and be a strong advocate for employees.

We are so proud that our employees never give up.

To read the full story or donate to Tami Blake-Choice, visit her Go Fund Me here.