February 2, 2017  | By Bekah Harger

Partner Joseph Sampson spoke about weather-related issues at the conference.

TULSA, OK – McCathern, PLLC partner Joseph Sampson recently participated as a speaker in the 2017 IAVM Future Industry Leaders Conference. The International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) held the Region 6 Future Industry Leaders Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The conference was a two-day event that was held Monday, January 30, 2017 through Tuesday, January 31, 2017, at the Cox Business Center & BOK Center. During this conference, guests attended several different informational sessions on venue management. While topics on the first day included professional development, venue booking, and general security, day two focused on weather-related venue issues.

“I was happy to once again collaborate with IAVM in providing information and training to various venue personnel related to severe-weather events,” Mr. Sampson said. “Having participated in presenting at IAVM events in the past, the McCathern team is always appreciative of the opportunity to assist that organization in providing an educational experience to its members and attendees. I also relished the chance myself to get to hear from some of the top weather experts in the country in attending this event. I think the attendees will really have some good information to take back to their respective venues and facilities.”

Mr. Sampson spoke during the Legal Considerations session on day two, spotlighting legal issues surrounding severe weather events. His presentation consisted mainly of information about a venue and its managers’ duties and responsibilities in the event of a natural incident. Mr. Sampson’s presentation demonstrated examples from McCathern’s clients’ prior history with severe weather events, as well as other newsworthy cases.