December 13, 2022  | By McCathern Law

Laura [Roach], I just wanted to reach out and thank you for helping to mediate my divorce earlier this month. It was a long day but without you this really could have dragged painfully on for months and months.  You are smart and kind and fair and tough as nails. It’s intimidating to sit in front of you since clearly you can see right through people and gauge their inner character in a very short period of time. I’m going to bet that your kids can’t get away with lying to you. I trusted you pretty quickly and although I did not get everything I wanted, I do believe what I got was fair. Thank you for helping me, for validating some things for me and most importantly, establishing the kind of boundaries that will create the most ideal parental situation for my son. It is such a relief for this ultra-stressful time to be over and to feel good about it. You did that. You were awesome and I have a feeling I was lucky we got you for the mediation.