October 26, 2022  | By McCathern Law

McCathern Frisco Managing Partner Paul Grinke spoke to the media yesterday alongside esteemed civil rights attorney Ben Crump on behalf of the family of Erik Cantu. Mr. Cantu’s parents also addressed the media, a first since their son was shot multiple times by a San Antonio police officer on October 2nd outside of an area McDonald’s restaurant. The incident was captured on video by the officer’s body camera. The officer, James Brennand, was fired after the shooting and then arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault on Oct. 11th. Erik Cantu remains in the hospital in serious condition.

To view the full video of remarks from attorney Ben Crump, McCathern Partner Paul Grinke, and Erik Cantu’s parents, please see this video on the website of KSAT. Paul Grinke’s remarks begin at the 13:00 mark of the video.

Paul Grinke Speaking at Press Conference for Erik Cantu
Paul Grinke Speaking at the press conference for police shooting victim Erik Cantu. (Image: KSAT)
McCathern attorneys Paul Grinke and Stephanie Almeter (left), along with attorney Ben Crump, at a press conference for Erik Cantu, the victim of a police shooting in San Antonio. (Image: KSAT)